Pod Overview

  • OneLoop presents a robust pod design, weighing 350lb and capable of reaching 100+ mph with safety as our number one priority

  • Our structural design features a lightweight aluminum and composite structure, our 35lb chassis withstands the harsh load envolope encountered during the pod’s run

  • Our brake design features a pneumatic circuit which supplies air pressure to the caliper brakes in order to stop our pod from 100 mph in less than 350 meters.

  • Our suspension design utilizes four single pivot coil-over suspension systems to keep the ride as smooth as possible as we hit the track’s bumps.

  • Our propulsion consists of two thrusters which feature a novel propellant mixture and provide XXX lbf of peak thrust each to accelerate the pod

  • Our control system features a Rockwell PLC that boasts a multitude of safety protocols and sensors which keep track of variables such as pressure, speed,distance, temperature, etc

  • Additionally, we are also researching and developing a full scale linear induction motor separate from the competition for future purposes. We have designed and manufactured a full-scale LIM motor in house showing a proof of concept of this propulsion system.