What is Oneloop?

Oneloop is the University of California Davis student design team which participates in the annual Hyperloop Pod Competition hosted by SpaceX. Hyperloop is a new form of transportation that uses vacuum tubes to shoot a pod to speeds of up to 700 miles per hour. The idea behind this new form of transportation is to create a rapid, end-to-end way to travel between cities.


Our Team

The 2019 OneLoop Team is comprised of 62 UC Davis students across both engineering and non-engineering disciplines. 59 of our members are undergraduate students, along with three graduate students .

OneLoop has one mission:

  • Become the fastest USA pod to race in the 2019 Hyperloop competition, having passed safety inspections and obtained permission to race


    Faculty Advisor: C.P “Case” Van Dam Chief Engineer: Austin Gonzalez Business: Samarth Sandeep Head Analyst: Miranda Bell

  • Treasurer: Zack Chua Propulsion: Daniel Nasr-Church Structures: Simon Chang & Tomoya Otsuka Low Speed Drive: Parin Rau

    Suspension: Jeremy Ondarts & Kevin Li Braking:Jonathan Summer & Sam Menigoz Controls: Kareem K Mohammed & Naveed Oroumchian


Aaron Leo, Aaron Bass, Abhinav Kamath, Aidan Fox-Terney, Alice Liu, Amin Haghighi, Avarinth Raghaven, Brandon Dela Cruz, Brandon Lau, Cameron Shinn, Carl Hutchison, Chaitenya Gupta, Christophe Hiltebrandt, Dara Sobati, Delahny Deivendran, Eric Guo, Erica Lee, Frankle Chrisyanto, Gabriel Ketron, Tina Wang, Isabelle Asistin, Jack Zhou, Jackson Liao, Jason Ciola, Jintan Zhang, John Long, Kaustubh Deshpande, Kenley Hendrawan, Lauren Seto, Madhusha Goonesekera, Max Fors, Megan Lo, Michael Cox, Michael Li, Michael Sanders, Minkook Park, Mira Welner, Mynor Andres Juan, Parin Rau, Patricia Paje, Pranit Narayanaswamy, Rajdeep Singh, Riley Schreiner, Sach Samala, Soumil Shekdar, Sri Kumar, Talal Sohail, Timothy Hulse, Varadraj Bhat, Wenqing Wang, Yash Dani

Pod Overview

  • OneLoop presents a robust pod design, weighing 350lb and capable of reaching 100+ mph with safety as our number one priority

  • Our structural design features a lightweight aluminum and composite structure, our 35lb chassis withstands the harsh load envolope encountered during the pod’s run

  • Our brake design features a pneumatic circuit which supplies air pressure to the caliper brakes in order to stop our pod from 100 mph in less than 350 meters.

  • Our suspension design utilizes four single pivot coil-over suspension systems to keep the ride as smooth as possible as we hit the track’s bumps.

  • Our propulsion consists of two thrusters which feature a novel propellant mixture and provide XXX lbf of peak thrust each to accelerate the pod

  • Our control system features a Rockwell PLC that boasts a multitude of safety protocols and sensors which keep track of variables such as pressure, speed,distance, temperature, etc

  • Additionally, we are also researching and developing a full scale linear induction motor separate from the competition for future purposes. We have designed and manufactured a full-scale LIM motor in house showing a proof of concept of this propulsion system.


The purpose of the UC Davis Hyperloop Team (OneLoop) is to build a high speed (100mph) pod for the SpaceXhosted Hyperloop Competition. Ranked in the top 50 teams globally, we’ve finished designing our pod for this year, but have lots of exciting work left in manufacturing and testing it before this summer. Join our team to build a vehicle of the future!


● Draft mechanical drawings

● Manufacture and assemble pod components in machine shop and lab

● Design and participate in validation tests

● Redesign components as necessary


● Currently pursuing relevant degree (e.g. mechanical, aerospace, electrical, computer science)

● $40/year dues

● 4hr/week minimum commitment (weekly subteam meetings and individual projects)

● Accountable for projects assigned by lead


● Proficient at SolidWorks or other CAD software

● Certified to use machine shop at the ESDC in Bainer Hall (EME50 or equivalent)

● CNC experience


1. Send an email to along with your resume and transcript

2. If we think you are a good fit, we will send you an email requesting for an interview








Professor C.P. "Case" van Dam

Professor and Associate Dean

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering